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Bar & Bat Mitzvah lessons by Project Aseret

One of the most successful Bnai Mitzvah projects in the world,

Project Aseret is coming to North America!


Project Aseret (Aseret is Hebrew for 10- Project 10 Commandments) is a fantastically successful curriculum for Bar and Bat Mitzvah students in Israel.


From a start in just one Israeli (secular) school in 2009, Project Aseret is now in 50 Israeli schools and has a curriculum which has been taught to over 10,000 students.


The students, parents and educators rave about us.  For a peek at how we teach The 10 Commandments as core values, please link to the Project Aseret here.

What we do

What we do

We have a fun, engaging curriculum that delves into The 10 commandments and brings the lessons alive with real life examples that teens can relate to. We will get your child thinking about what is means to be Jewish and how they want to incorporate Judaism into their lives. 

Project Aseret believes there is no greater moral code to live your life by than The 10 commandments and what better age to start thinking about it than when you are a Bnai Mitzvah. 


We want your child to be excited and proud about being Jewish. We want to give them a moral code to help them make decisions. 


Of course! We will work with your religious leader to make sure that your child is prepared for their big day. With Project Aseret, you can be sure that Bubby and Zeidy will "Kvell" and your heart will swell!

We provide training for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah either thru Skype or home visits in NYC.   As we are a non-profit with the greater goal of teaching the world’s best moral code, we offer discounts for groups of students at the same time.



What is Project Aseret?

Aseret means 10- and Project Aseret is simply “Project 10 Commandments”. 



Will you lead our service?


Yes-, if needed, Rabbi Stein is an experienced Rabbi and officiates regularly at traditional lifecycle events. See testimonials. 


Will you help us name our baby?


Yes!- Providing your daughter with a Jewish name is essential in beginning her Jewish connection and identity. Rabbi Stein will work with you to create a meaningful ceremony as you bestow a beautiful name on your baby daughter. We will work with your graphic designer to help create a program that you can treasure forever which lists the participants, readings, and the inspiration behind your daughters name. 

Do you have anything for parents?


Project Aseret is developing materials for families on how to incorporate The Ten Commandments as a moral guide in your families day to day life. 

Do you teach Troppe for layning?


Currently we do not but we are happy to refer you to someone who does.

Our Team





Kurt Stein

Rabbi Kurt Stein was raised in a secular Jewish household. He studied in Israel for Six years and received Rabbinic Ordination in 1998. Immediately thereafter he began a career on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs and is currently a Senior Vice President at a reputable firm. (As the joke goes, when you are a Rabbi, the pay is out of this world-however the bills are in this world.)


Rabbi Stein has a Summer Camp personality and can do 15 one arm push-ups with either arm. He enjoys officiating at lifecycle events and his knowledge, energy and sense of humor will help create a moment that is meaningful and memorable for you and your loved ones. Kurt lives in NJ with his wife and 6 children. 

If you are looking for a relatable, high-energy Rabbi to get your children inspired with the timeless message of Judaism-look no further.


Tel. 917 533 6912

Israeli Team

Project Aseret is supported by a staff of 7 full-time people in Israel including several prominent educators.

Please see our webpage Here.


If you would like to bring Project Aseret to your school, camp or Federation, please contact us.​



Rabbi Stein is the best Bat Mitzvah teacher ever!!!

Jesse E. NYC


My daughter so enjoys the lessons and Rabbi Stein is great

Vicki E. NYC Parent


Rabbi Stein makes Judaism fun!!! My Bat Mitzvah is over, but I am still continuing our lessons!

Emma G- Palo Alto


Rabbi Stein officiated at my father’s funeral and had us laughing and crying the entire time.

He was just perfect.

Shoshana S NYC


We called Rabbi Stein on Monday evening just after my mother passed away (at 100) and he got right to work. He spoke to several family members including, of course, the 3 children. He sent around an email asking for various stories and anecdotes about my mother. He put it all together and ran a wonderful quick service which was a celebration of our mother’s life. My friends are still talking about it.

Barbara and Ellen and John, NJ, NYC and Miami

Rabbi Stein led a beautiful ceremony on the birth of our daughter. Everyone loved it!

Brett A. Merion Station, PA. 


Contact Us


Rabbi Stein
917 533 6912

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