About the Project:


Project Aseret aims to establish the Ten Commandments as a central element in Israel’s national identity.  


Project Aseret aims to establish the Ten Commandments as a central element of the national identity of Israelis. Over 10,000 Bar/Bat Mitzva students from 48 schools around Israel are participating in our program this school year, learning the relevance of the universal core values of the Ten Commandments and applying them to their lives.


Our workshop leaders receive an intensive 80-hour leadership-development program for increasing their knowledge, skills, and effectiveness.


At the request of several of our schools, the program is further evolving and is currently running pilot workshops developed especially for grade 8 and 9 students that experienced the program in previous years. 


Organizational Parterships

We established partnerships with several organizations that help us reach additional communities as well as establish joint projects and additional content. Our most prominent strategic partner is El Ami-El Atzmi (EAEA). 




For nearly 20 years, EAEA acquired extensive experience in the field of Jewish education in the national secular junior high and high schools. With operations in over 100 schools around Israel, they have provided us with contacts and credibility with the schools, effective workshop leaders, and experienced curriculum developers.


The partnership with Aish Israel has also proven very helpful as the Aish World center is an extremely effective site for the climax program and has been a big attraction for the schools and our organizational partners.


Climax program

The climax program of our Bnei Mitzva curriculum is a 7-hour program in the Old City of Jerusalem. All the grade seven students come and their parents are invited. It includes a tour of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony that the school prepares and performs and our multi media quiz on the Ten Commandments (based on the workshop curriculum) where the youth play with their parents. In March-June 2015, we hosted 3500 students and over 1500 parents.


Measurement and Evaluation:


The professionalism of an organization is measured, among other things, by its ability to measure its activities and results in order to examine how close it is to its goals and objectives. The evaluation process enables the organization to learn and improve by comparing the current situation to the desired one.


This is the 3rd year in which we are engaged in a rigorous year-round measurement and evaluation program, by a specialized and highly-regarded 3rd party to evaluate various aspects of our activities. The evaluation is focused on several of the project’s aspects:


  • The opinions of students, teachers, principals and parents towards the program, its rationale and objectives.

  • The program’s curriculum, content, tools and delivery.


The goals of this process are as follows:

  1. To evaluate the program’s effect on students and on the school system.

  2. To examine the strengths and weaknesses of this year’s program in order to draw conclusions for improvement in upcoming years.

  3. To be an informative tool for current and future partners.


For sample results from previous evaluation reports please see here.



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