Project Aseret

Project Aseret aims to establish the Ten Commandments as a central element of Israeli national identity.


8435 Bar/Bat Mitzva students from 65 schools around Israel are participating in our program this school year, learning the relevance of the universal core values of the Ten Commandments and applying them to their lives. We have taught over 49000 students in the past 9 years.  

Identity Building Education

It is precisely at this age where the relevance of the Ten Commandments as universal and Jewish core values provides a powerful framework for each youth informing his /her emerging core identity.


Since virtually the entire Jewish population celebrates this important transformational milestone there is a huge target market for a meaningful values based (not “religiously oriented”) program. Our program grew from 3 to 65 schools and from 500 to over 8000 students in 9 years.  


While the program is designed for the youth, it includes and establishes partnerships with parents, teachers, and principals. Eventually it will also include the extended family. The workshop leaders and the organizations are all part of our most valued partners.